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    The earliest industry experiences can be tracked back to early in 2008. Our core members have more than 10 years’ rich experience in online game currency trading industry. We know better about our clients, in the past more than 10 years experiences, we realize deeply about the service satisfaction requirements and personalized demands. In this way, we found us, with its purpose to provide 100% satisfaction and more game value for our clients.

    Before us was born, our core members were mainly working in the top virtual goods trading severing companies and game companies with the main business scope in North American and European countries. Besides that, we also have a great deal of experience in e-commerce operation, marketing, delivering, customer service, and supply chain management.

    Hereby we commit that all reasonable requirements will be satisfied comprehensively.

    Currently our main business locations are in North American and European countries, and we will keep expanding the service to worldwide.

    Based on the above points, for all the available products we offered, we sincerely invite you to come and have an experience.


    Our requirements for all the products we served are same: either do our job extremely well or not. Before launching online, us conducts rigorous assessments of product-related services and detailed market research to ensure that our products and services are differentiated and industry-leading.

    This is also the direct reason why us's current product and service offered are refined.

    Also based on the above points, we cordially invite every client to have an experience about our online products and services.

    In the future, we will also gradually expand our products and services to the in-game currencies, accounts, equipment, props, training and prepaid cards, CDKeys etc of mainly popular games in the world.


    • safety Guaranteed

      Based on the strict screening of the supply chain, we promise that our products sources are 100% legal. We will never purchase gold coins, accounts and equipment that are illegally sourced such as black credit cards, hacking, fraud and so on.
    • Refund guarantee

      US commit that submitting a refund request at any time is available prior to order delivery, and we will respond promptly. Reasons for refunding may be due to third party payment processing time.
    • Delivery speed guaranteed

      We promise that all game products will be delivered within the promised time, based on the sufficient stock from the supply chain and the near-perverted requirements for basic services. Of course, we need to clear out possible payment audits, customer order delivery information errors, and multiple contacts without response will not included.
    • Price guaranteed

      We promise that the prices of our online products will be lower than the major game transaction service providers. we will provide our customers with competitively products with lower margins to gain the customers' long term support they need exactly.

    If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.

    If you have experienced our service and found out we’ve done it, please recommend our site to more friends and partners.

    Your us Team